Imagine a situation wherein you come to office after enjoying a long weekend. You are about to relax in your chair and you get a call from your client saying that the website you created for them has become ultra slow and caused them a loss of some million dollars! Don’t you think you should have taken a proactive step to avoid this situation before delivering your application?

Welcome to ThePerformanceEngineer’s  Blog. Here you will find tips, tricks, code snippets etc on how to Code.Test.Tune.Optimize performance of your application. Monitoring system’s performance, tips to tune your system and applications so that it satisfies the criteria of high availability, reliability at all times. Performance engineering tips for windows operating system, Linux and Sun Solaris as well. So stay tuned.

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  1. I can see that you just launched this site and have your first few articles up. That is fantastic! I’m working on a new blog myself and maybe we can correspond in the future to help each other out. I work as a Systems Validation Engineer and have done a lot of performance testing with HBAs and other storage devices. I’m eager to see what you write about!


  2. Hi Dinesh,

    I’m having confusion/doubts on few questions while preparing for loadrunner certification HP0-M48. Can you please help me to understand them better? it would be very nice if you can give your mail id so that i can share the questions. Thanks in advance.,


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