Perfmon: Schedule Perfmon to Start/Stop at Specified Time

Click here to know how to setup perfmon data collector sets manually and via templates

How to start perfmon monitoring? Simple. Launch Perfmon, right click on the data collector set under User Defined and select Start. Or you can schedule it to start at a specified time. To do this, Right click on the data collector set under user defined and select Properties. In the Properties dialog, select Schedule. Click Add; select beginning date, expiration date and Start Time. Click OK. Done!

W8-14 Scheduling

How to stop perfmon monitoring? Once you start a data collector set, it will run indefinitely until you stop it or until a certain condition is met. Certain Condition? Yes! you can specify a stop condition. It can be after certain hours/days etc.  To do this, Launch Perfmon, right click on the data collector set under user defined, and select properties. Go to Stop condition. Specify the duration and unit. Say you set overall duration as 5 and unit as hours. This means, once the data collector is started, it will automatically stop after 5 hours. You can also set a limit on the data collector set to rollover or restart after certain duration or after a maximum size is reached.

After running the data collector set, you can expand User Defined -> Reports and open the folder for the data collector set you ran. The report will be shown in right hand side. However, I prefer to use the data collected for offline analysis rather than using the perfmon viewer.


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