Step By Step Process for Your International Travel

I happened to write these steps when my girlfriend was getting ready for an international travel for the first time, alone. I was really worried as it was her first travel, she didn’t know anything about the process to be followed, like check ins, security checks etc., during the journey. But when she called me after she reached the destination, I was so happy and relieved. She told me that it would have been very difficult if she didn’t have these steps. So I thought uploading this information on my blog so that it would be helpful for others who are looking for such information.

In the following steps, it is assumed that you want to travel from Sydney (Australia) to Mumbai (India) via Emirates flights. However, the process should be fairly similar for international travel between any two destinations.


  • Did you take your passport and of the members accompanying you?
  • Are you carrying travel itinerary?
  • Did you properly lock the luggage (check in as well as cabin bags)?
  • Is weight of luggage within acceptable limits?

Sydney Airport

1)       While coming to airport check for the entry gates for Emirates flights at international airport [Terminal 1]

2)       Once entered keep looking for Emirates Airlines check in counters. Stand in the queue near the counter and keep your passport and ticket itinerary ready.

Baggage check in

3)       At check in counter, provide your e-ticket and passport to air port authority. After verifying your passport and ticket, he will ask you to put your check in baggage on the belt beside him, it should be less than 30 kg. Once it is satisfactory, he will attach a label to the baggage and check in your baggage.

After that, he will ask you to weigh your cabin bag (< 7 kg). If weight is okay you can take your cabin bag back.

4)       He will then provide you  2 boarding passes, containing your seat numbers and boarding gate detail

  1. Sydney (SYD) to Dubai (DXB) – Gate no. will be written)
  2. Dubai (DXB) to Mumbai (BOM) (Gate no will be confirmed at Dubai.

5)       He might ask for seat preferences (Window or Aisle), ask him for Window seat.

6)       He will ask for no of hand bags and cabin bags, you need to collect Emirates tags which needs to be attached to each bag

7)       Write all the details requested on the label and attached to each bag which you are carrying with you (including purse)

8)       They will also provide you immigration form.


9)       Fill in the immigration form and start walking to immigration area.

10)   At immigration counter you provide your ticket, passport and immigration form to immigration officer. After verification he will stamp your passport and retain your immigration form.

11)   Post immigration; ensure the stamp and other visa pages are there. After that you will have to go through security check, there will be separate queue for ladies and gents.

Security check in

12)   Just put your entire cabin and hand bag through security check machine. Also remove your Jacket, watch, belt and purse and put it in a tray and through security machine

13)   Just stand in queue and once instructed by security guard you can pass through security door, after that he will do thorough scanning of your body. Don’t panic if the alarm rings. He will ask you to go back through the door and ask you to remove any metal from your body. Then go through the door again. Once done he will stamp all your passport and hand bag tags.

14)   After security check start walking towards boarding gate (specified on your boarding pass)

At boarding gate

15)   Just wait till boarding starts, air cabin crew will announce the boarding orders. just follow that

16)   Keep your boarding passes and passport ready for verification, after verification they will retain half of boarding pass with them and remaining will be given to you

17)   Keep boarding pass in hand as the crew will again check while entering the flight. Then just go to respective seats and store your luggage on the lockers above your seats.

18)   Then happy travel :D

19)   If you need any assistance during your travel, ask the air hostess. Watch movies! There are always latest movies in Hindi section.

At Transit (i.e. at Dubai)

20)   After getting down at Dubai just look for connecting flights/international transfer board (LCD screen) – if in doubt check with airport authority

21)   Just follow the connecting flight board and look for the flight status board…..which will give you an idea from which gate no you need to board your connecting flight to Mumbai

22)   Remember, your luggage goes directly to Mumbai so you don’t need to worry about your check in baggage

23)   There will be another security check at boarding gate, your hand baggages will be scanned again .Once scanned just shows cabin crew your boarding passes for Dubai to Mumbai.

24)   After verification they will give half boarding pass back.

25)   Keep seated near the gate from where the boarding will start for your flight. They will announce when to board the flight.

26)   Keep boarding pass in hand as the crew will again check while entering the flight. Then just go to respective seats and store your luggage on the lockers above your seats.

27)   Then happy travel :D

At Mumbai

28)   Before the flight is about to land, cabin crew will give you immigration form for Mumbai. Fill the immigration form with all the details.

29)   Once the flight is landed just follow the signs for immigration.

30)   At immigration counter provide air port authority with your passport, boarding pass and immigration form. After verification he will stamp your passport. Again check all your passport pages and visa.

31)   Make sure you tell them that India is your home country and you are here to visit your parents. If they ask for profession, say you are housewife.

32)   After immigration is cleared follow the signs for baggage’s claim. Just look for belt with your flight no then look for your baggage on that belt.

33)   Once you collect the baggage you will have to go through baggage security scan … if asked whether you got any food items say no as you are not carrying any.

34)   Once security check is done, start following the exit signs or if you want to catch a taxi, taxi signs of course. Once you come out, Your family will be there to receive you.


1)      Make sure all the luggage’s are properly locked

2)      Never guard anybody else baggage

3)      Never leave your baggage unattended

4)      Never accept anybody else parcel

5)      Always keep ticket/boarding pass and passport along with you

6)      In case of doubt always check with airport authorities for any details. Don’t ask anyone else.

7)      If airport authority demands for further scanning always co-operate. Never panic just co-operate.

Wish you a very pleasant journey!!!

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